Very known places in Hong Kong which I have tried to present in a different way

Hi Folks,

This blog is about Hong Kong and I will keep on adding photographs into this as I capture new. My attempt is to showcase some unique landscapes / seascapes of Hong Kong. Although the photographs are shot in very well known places I have tried my best to shoot such that it gives a different flavor of the same place where you guys (if you are a Hong Kong-er) have been many times. The intention is to show the same places beyond the obvious frames.

The visual effects on the photographs are 100% original and achieved using proper gear and patience for the right time and right light. The minimum post processing which has been done to these images are dodging / burning, curves, levels i.e. all the old school dark room techniques using today’s digital darkroom aka Photoshop. Therefore basically only the contrast and the brightness of the images are altered to fit for web viewing and printing. I have also modified the white balance a bit in order to compensate for the odd color cast from the cheap Chinese filters which I used for these photographs.


Let’s start with a seascape. This is one of the first few photographs I shot when I was very new to Hong Kong. This one was shot on a moonlit night near Tong Fuk village in the Lantau Island

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