Chasing light

The word photograph can be broken down to the words photo and graph  therefore photography literally means painting with light.

I was invited by one of my photographer friend to do a documentary on an old style Chinese restaurant in Hong Kong. The restaurant is in one of the busiest districts of the city. That was a hot summer Sunday afternoon. We bade each other good bye after the photo shoot and she went her own way. But I decided to spend some more time on the fresh vegetable and meat market nearby which normally bustles with activity. While crossing a road I saw a butcher’s shop which was closed but there were some interesting shadows passing by every second in front of the closed shutters. I waited for a few minutes for something more interesting and got the below shot.


Before this, my experiment with light was always in landscape photography. I never thought of using light in this way. I searched through the internet and found Eric Kim’s blog (Eric Kim Blog ). That was quite a learning experience. I must admit that I have no so called tradition training in photography so the online blogs / YouTube videos are my only source of learning material. Since then I have been following many photographers in the Instagram who are producing excellent results on a regular basis. To name a few – I follow rui_palha, fabrice_cilpa and many more renowned photographers who are the masters of the light I must say.

The below are some of my work which are close to my heart —



1-1 (1)






1-2 (1)

1-3 (1)















Thank you for viewing my work


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