The great wall of China and some more

I was browsing through my hard disk and found these old photographs which I took six years back in Beijing with a very humble Nikon D40 and 18-55 mm kit lens plus an used 10 mm (16mm on 35mm format) antiquated manual focus lens which I bought from a local shop. The photographs are very average. You may find annoying empty foreground on the wide shots. Despite all those mistakes I thought of sharing the photos with you guys as I just want to share the experience and not my expertise 🙂


Lets start with the most iconic structure in Beijing i.e. The Forbidden City

DSC_3757_58_59_60                       The entrance of The Forbidden City


DSC_3774-18 degrees and everything is frozen

DSC_3776The outer layer of Forbidden City

DSC_3809Inside the Forbidden City. Its been long time and I have forgotten exactly what this part of the palace is called

DSC_3800A giant bronze tumbler

DSC_3808_BnWAnother structure within the palace

DSC_3847The roofs of Forbidden City

DSC_3892The frozen moat surrounding the Forbidden City.

DSC_3750Near Mutianyu section of The Great Wall

DSC_3693_CropVersionThe Great Wall in snow. Lucky we were. The temp was less than -15 degree Celsius and we were wearing 5 layers on top and 3 at the bottom 

Great Wall in Winter


Great Wall

DSC_3935Temple of Heaven


DSC_4084-EditTemple inside the Summer Palace

DSC_4013The frozen lake at the Summer Palace


DSC_4062A nice bridge on the frozen lake

DSC_4072I took a lot of risk to get this photo. Rather than walking on the trail by the lake to get to this place I took a short cut across the frozen lake itself. The lake was probably few hundred mtrs wide if not a km. Half way to the other side of the lake I could hear the cracking sound of ice sheets beneath my feet. I got scared but kept my head cool. I sat down on the lake with my legs stretched out and then expanded the tripod and then stood upright. I was holding the tripod fully expanded and away from my body just to increase the surface area. I took the shot and came back safely. But if I look back now, I shouldn’t have done that. It was insane and a very stupid idea to walk on the lake.


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