Very known places in Hong Kong which I have tried to present in a different way

Hi Folks,

This blog is about Hong Kong and I will keep on adding photographs into this as I capture new. My attempt is to showcase some unique landscapes / seascapes of Hong Kong. Although the photographs are shot in very well known places I have tried my best to shoot such that it gives a different flavor of the same place where you guys (if you are a Hong Kong-er) have been many times. The intention is to show the same places beyond the obvious frames.

The visual effects on the photographs are 100% original and achieved using proper gear and patience for the right time and right light. The minimum post processing which has been done to these images are dodging / burning, curves, levels i.e. all the old school dark room techniques using today’s digital darkroom aka Photoshop. Therefore basically only the contrast and the brightness of the images are altered to fit for web viewing and printing. I have also modified the white balance a bit in order to compensate for the odd color cast from the cheap Chinese filters which I used for these photographs.


Let’s start with a seascape. This is one of the first few photographs I shot when I was very new to Hong Kong. This one was shot on a moonlit night near Tong Fuk village in the Lantau Island


Another very popular place. The coffer dam. This particular one was shot at the east dam of the High Island Reservoir. Most people know this as the sea cave and indeed it is a sea cave. One can see the opening which ends God knows where !

dsc2504[1] Arial view from Po Pin Chau, a very famous hiking destination in the Sai Kung area. Well, I took quite risk to capture this image. The cliff was almost 80 degrees and I was sitting on a hanging rock which has a projection outwards to the sea. I kept my tripod (in folded legs) and somehow managed to get this shot


Another image from the same location i.e. Po Pin Chau in Sai Kung country park


The next one is a seascape from Tung Ping Chau, another hot spot for the trekkers and adventure lovers. I have see many wide angle sunrise shots from Tung Ping Chau so decided to make something different


This particular photo has been shot in one of the most crowded beaches in Hong Kong. Hong Kong-ers can you guess it ? 🙂 Well, this is the upper Cheung Sha beach. These are the sand fills to stop the erosion of the beach.


Another one from the same place


Many people has probably seen this place from the train 🙂 . Well, I don’t know the name of this particular place but it’s 40 minutes walk from Sunny Bay MTR station. It took me 1 and half month to get this shot. I used to carry all my gear to office and get disappointed by the light. Hong Kong sky is notoriously smoggy because of pollution from nearby Shenzhen Industrial zone and particularly this western part of Hong Kong records the highest level of pollution. So to get a sky worth shooting the sunset is really rare. Finally one day I got the sky I wanted and set out from office 1 hour early than normal time. When I reached Sunny Bay MTR station the sun was already at the horizon. By the time I reached the place the sun had already set but that was what I wanted to capture. Actually the colors become more interesting after the sun has actually set.

dsc_1461[1]This place is very famous as I live here 🙂 . Jokes apart, I shot this photo just behind my apartment in Tung Chung. Also this place is en route the Tung Chung to Mui O trail.  During the rains a number of streams come down the hills. One fine morning just after the rain I climbed the waterfall which was quite a scary affair to get this shot.

Mistic Hill

This shot is taken from my balcony. The same place as the previous waterfall shot. Everyday when I wake up in the morning, the first thing which I see is this green hill with a hiking trail almost like a “Z”. That morning it was cloudy and I took my chance to capture the beauty.


Another one from Tung Chung and yes again very close to my apartment. In fact this is my favorite place to spend the evening. But unfortunately nowadays the view is obstructed by the HongKong-Macau-Zuhai highway project.


To get this shot I actually sneaked into some private property and then jumped off the wall to get to this rocky sea face. Behind me was a cliff rising high up to possibly 70 feet. Nowadays the property is converted into a hotel which from the cliff top provides a nice view of the sea and the sunset. We photographers sometime go extreme for just a photo. This one is from Tai O, the west end of Lantau island.


The cliff I was talking about in the previous shot

Tsing Ma Bridge

Again from a secret and prohibited place :). I simply followed the anglers. The mini bus from the nearest bus stop took around 20 minutes and dropped me at the last stop which is an industrial area. To be more specific a ship maintenance dock. Then I found a small gap in the boundary wall and the govt fencing. I pushed my body inside and discovered a hidden path. It was really hidden by the tall grasses. When I finally reached a place from where I could only jump into the sea, I found  Tsing Ma Bridge above me and some anglers trying their luck for some fish. When I visited there I didn’t know it was prohibited. While returning back I was CCTV cameras were set up on the columns of the bridge and it was clearly written “Prohibited Area”.

Brides Pool Waterfall

I am finishing off today (29th May 2017) with another shot of a waterfall. This is Bride’s pool waterfall in the Sai Kung country park. This waterfall is normally dry during the winter but after heavy rainfall you can see what shape it takes.

I saw very regular photographs of all these places earlier and that is why I have tried something new. As promised at the beginning of this blog I will keep on adding new photographs.

Good bye

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