The Transport Drama

Hi Folks !

Here I am back with one more write up. This time with more photographs and less words 🙂

These photographs are part of my ongoing project on the public transport. As you might have read in my previous post that I shoot mostly on the week days while commuting or during the lunch hours so public transport is kind of a natural choice to me.


I live in Hong Kong, a very busy city, sandwiched in between mountain and the sea. Obviously the usable land mass in Hong Kong is very less and thus the population density very high which makes it ideal for shooting on the streets. The public transport system in Hong Kong has a highly developed and sophisticated network of buses, trams, trains, taxis and ferries. The government’s survey suggests that more than 90% of the Hong Kong-ers use public transport for daily commutation, probably the highest rate in the world. But there are also reports on highly congested Hong Kong streets because of private vehicles.


If one watches carefully, public transports are really amazing and full of interesting characters, emotions and incidents. I have tried my best to capture what I have seen and what I have felt or better say what I see everyday and what I feel.

So let’s take a look –

There are people, including me, who utilize that small window of 30 min time to take a quick nap.


(Sleeping while standing, like a horse, doesn’t matter 🙂  )



( Look at this gentleman 🙂 )


(A very common scene of the Hong Kong trains – sleep deprived and hooked to their smart phones)




Some utilizes the precious time to read newspapers, books


emails before reaching office -some just enjoy playing mobile games- some chat and all of these nowadays happen in the small smart device. So if you are not peeping into others’ screens you wont know 🙂


I see the smart phone fever anywhere (people waiting for the train at Hong Kong station)


Everyday I come across some unique personalities




Some unique emotions




Sometimes I find it interesting when someone thinks that he is my subject and gives me a tough look whereas actually it’s someone else I am shooting 🙂

“Hey dude it’s not you I’m aiming my camera at. I’m shooting that beautiful lady who seems to be busy with her boyfriend (? may be) on phone behind you”


I like the nice geometry and patterns that people create unknowingly with their poses and the surroundings



Sometimes the geometry is much more obvious



Sometimes I get inspired by the layers of events unfolding in front of my eyes



I am also part of the whole thing. Probably someone else like me sitting at another corner of the train or bus or tram aiming his camera at me ! who knows 🙂


“Keep shooting and spread the love for photography and not for the tools ! Remember not to fall prey of gadget acquisition syndrome”  🙂

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