Why I started with Landscape Photography and finally moved to the Street Photography – Part 2


B) My first encounter with a DSLR

You already know how I got my first DSLR (read my previous blog – My first blog). Now I am going to share my experience handling a DSLR for the first time.

I bought myself a DSLR (I’ll reveal the make and model# later) when I was living in London. My subject was the public parks of the city. I was shooting flowers, trees, random street shots, beach shots (weekend trips). I was a novice and was trying out the craft. Like most of the first time DSLR buyers I also started learning from the technique of photographing rather than the art. I learnt shutter speed, aperture, ISO etc by reading blogs and watching youtube videos. I bought a book written by Tom Ang from a local book store to understand photography. I learnt basic composition rules like Rule of Thirds. Gradually my photography skills improved. My hit rate was improved a lot. Now I had much better control of my camera and the scenes.

The below two are from those days. I have lost the original ones and just have a copy which I luckily uploaded long back into Flickr. I was really very careless about my files those days.



But I was not too happy with my progress. During the summer the light was very beautiful in UK and I shot a lot but during the winter season I barely got any motivation to go out in the cold. Finally my job contract ended and I came back to India for another lifelong assignment. I got married and for the first couple of years I felt like my world has changed a lot ! I was not getting enough time to shoot anymore ! Indian cities are infamous for horrible traffic jams. Everyday I used to leave from home to work at around 7 am and returned post 10 pm. I was too frustrated ! During the week-ends I had to spend some time with my wife. So in short my camera was licking dust in the cupboard. We used to go for long drive mostly once in a month and that was the only time I could shoot. But again I was with my wife and it was tough to find out time for your own type of shooting – you know what I mean. But anyway I kept trying on something which you can say Travel Photography.


By now you might have understood that I was totally confused. I was doing a bit of this and a bit of that. I was trying landscape photography, I was also trying travel photography, I was doing a bit of street photography. Basically I was doing things aimlessly. Then in the mean time I got another assignment (not photography related) in Hong Kong and moved with my family here. Now I started getting a lot of time as the travel time and frustration drastically reduced. Spending a couple of years together we had a better understanding as a family and my wife now started inspiring me to go out and shoot. She understands art and she started passing critic comments on my works which helped a lot to better understand the art of photography. So basically I was happy again and started shooting regularly.

By the way can you tell which camera I used for the above photographs ? What was the lens ? What was the megapixels ? What was the fancy features listed in the camera manual ? Probably you can’t answer unless you see the EXIF 🙂 . I am going to discuss why megapixels and fancy features doesn’t matter along with my personal journey in my next blog.

Till then good buy !

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